Bad Credit

Mourning Peace
May 29, 2022
Twisted Circus
April 29, 2022

Bad Credit was grown from Electro Lyzers and Through the Moon

T he first phase of the cryptocurrency's carbon-credit revolution has ended after only seven months.

Since last year, venture capital money has poured into the space, and a host of new crypto carbon ventures have emerged, each vying for attention with what they claim is a distinct twist or viewpoint on scaling and managing carbon credits.

Many people argue that carbon credits are a diversion from real solutions to climate change, such as reducing emissions from fossil-fuel energy sources. I believe there is an attempt to conceal the issues.

Banks are developing their own method for carbon credits that will most likely hide the flaws of the market and the likelihood that many sub-optimal projects end up being valued, even if they aren’t helping the environment.

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