Twisted, Sister
June 28, 2022
Mourning Peace
May 29, 2022

AI'd was grown from Poisonous Frogs and Undertow

T he AI-powered assistants are exploding from behind the scenes of big tech and into the mainstream.

Anyone can now play as an artist by collaborating with their AI assistant named DALL·E. And the Quilbot AI-powered paraphrasing tool can turn a ten-year-old into an award-winning writer with the push of a button.

Philosophical ideas and thoughts manifested by artificial intelligence will begin to redefine not only visual art, but also the written word.

However, the most revolutionary AI helpers are those that are coming to software development. They will change all we know about computing. Speaking to an AI to program and execute commands will become the Holy Grail of Artificial Assisted Human Intelligence, combining the power of creativity with an infinite number of expression and innovation tools.

Will this usher In a new era of thought, or could the human race become so dependent on the assistance of AIs that we become the programmed?

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