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Augmented VINES

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Now available! Direct from the manufacturer.


New cards activated regularly

Test your puzzle and set building skills as you unite with the world to save humanity

The Story

And so it begins…a mega-cluster of artificial intelligence has spawned the emergence of the Global Brain. Neither good nor bad, it's simply here to give us what it thinks we want based on constant surveillance and sophisticated algorithms, segregating us into the deafening echoes of our private noisy siloes. As we plunge deeper into a fear-based media-driven reality, the system is in jeopardy of breaking down – spelling imminent disaster for the fate of humanity.

Your Mission

Earn as many HIPs (Human Intelligence Points) as you can to counterbalance the negative, malicious data pouring into the system, activating a positive-focused feedback loop between humanity and the Global Brain. With enough HIPs blasting into the system, we can flip the script to elevate our consciousness before doing ourselves in with our own creation.


The Basics

Grow Blooms (sets of 3 to 12 connecting VINES) to build your points before the round ends. Points grow exponentially with each new VINE connected.

Beware! Emptying your hand before building up enough points could mean defeat. But holding on to your VINES could mean a bigger disaster is looming.

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Print Reference Art

As with any puzzle, you'll want to utilize the handy reference images. Here you will find downloads to print or display, and each box contains the artwork along with rules and directions.


A Perfect Gift

The VINES for Humanity puzzle game makes an excellent addition to your game collection or is perfect as a gift for someone who loves puzzles or strategic set building card games.


Inside the Box

This flagship edition of VINES includes:

80 VINES (Puzzle Cards) Chapter One, "The Revelation"

6 Action Cards – Pass (4), TechMates (1) and Fossil Fueled (1)

Puzzle Reference Art with score log and exponential points conversion table – to help you convert the number of VINES in Blooms into HIPs

Rules and instruction sheet

Compact Tuck Box for easy traveling


Play solo or with friends

Now available! Direct from manufacturer.

Supports an Indi (Indipendant) Artist and Game Crafter


Your Cards are AR Ready!


Craig Tilley