December 29, 2019


Domesticated was grown from Prime Time

F or thousands of years, humans have converted and kept wild animals under control for companionship, cultivation, and consumption.

Now we face another domestication of a species. But this one will come much quicker and will affect the most dominant creature on the planet. We are those unsuspecting inhabitants. How do you tame the free-thinking, awareness of the human spirit?

The answer? Non-evasive, direct computer-to-brain experiences. Simply put, controlling our mind and feelings. There is already an FDA approved technology for the treatment of depression, and scientists can even bring you back to past experiences with astonishingly vivid detail by stimulating cortical regions.

Controlling our cognitive perceptions and feelings is a very rocky path that will lead to a cascade of unwanted scenarios. It was difficult when we had different perceptions of the world, but now we are living in different worlds.

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