The Flow Space is Open!

Art Gallery and Sensory Playground

It's a mess as I move in and build out over the next week.

Come by and say hello or try out the Puzzle Game based on the Grapevine Wall Project


You can find the space in beautiful Sugar Hill, GA on the second floor of the eCenter building, Suite M209.

5029 west broad street sugar hill ga 30518


Scheduled for Saturday, July 13th

I'll be giving away a FREE signed print to TWO lucky attendees, so don't miss out.

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Augmented Reality is coming to the VINES in 2020!

Here is a peek

Your Cards are AR Ready!


Purchases support the AR production and art project.

Thank you for playing!

In the meantime, get into your flow with this livestream music


Craig Tilley

Artist, Human, Game Crafter (in that order)