My hope is that through this project, viewers and participants will choose to recognize the connections we share with each other and the effects our actions (and inactions) have on the world around us

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The Grapevine Wall is a growing, interactive art collective telling the evolving story of humanity’s journey through our transformation into an era of sustainability, social evolution and deeper connection.

Each VINE is a page in this chapter of transformation and created separately from the rest of the Grapevine Wall. VINES are started in two distinct ways: Either from the lines and colors from the adjacent VINE(s), or from the lines drawn by the co-creators at an event or private session.

The co-creator process will make this project become the largest art collective ever conceived, with hundreds of stories and emotional meanings that make it a shared journey for all involved.


In the video above and images below, you can see how the process of the lines drawn by co-creators turns into a new VINE. Nobody knows what the piece will become until completed.

Each line is numbered and tagged to the participants name for recognition as a co-creator of the VINE and supporter for a safer, more sustainable future.

None of the lines are altered and remain as the foundation for the completed piece. You can drag the center arrow below to reveal the fully incomplete and completed sides of the VINE below.


Offering the opportunity to become part of the story, participants draw their lines on a blank canvas and watch it transform into a new VINE.

These events build connections and help bring awareness to the severity of slow progress toward solutions in solving the most pressing issues of a changing climate, while celebrating the great work we have already accomplished together in dealing with these issues.

Whether the action unfolds at a private event, in a public space or a trendy bar, the chance to witness a piece of art spontaneously developing never fails to thrill the co-creators and onlookers alike


As a speaker, Climate Reality Leader and social influencer, Craig Tilley frequents public events and provides free private viewings to help spread a strong, positive message of sustainability and social justice in respect to a changing climate.

Craig works to raise funds through his art sales, sponsorships and co-creator events to increase the reach and quality of these free experiences.


Pan, zoom and explore the growing VINES accompanied by informative videos, images, songs and facts


Accompanying the physical artwork and public events is an interactive storybook, where you can explore the deepest parts of the VINES, as well as learn about current events, watch informative videos and discover a wide variety of media to educate yourself on the climate crisis.

Click on image to view the current storybook


The masterplan of the Grapevine Wall is a grid of six square sections. Once all six sections are completed, a 360 degree immersive experience made up of over 400 unique VINES will link together.


A seamless VR world will envelope the user into the interactive experience. There will be updates during the progression of the project so be sure to join the email list for updates.


A physical enclosure for events and exhibitions will be one of the final pieces to the evolving project. This process will take time to plan and develop and updates to the progress will come as they happen.