Welcome to the Collective

This is the time when we, the creatives of the world get to work.

Are you an artist...a storyteller...a 2D or 3D animator? Do you want to use your talents to make an impact in the world? Would you like to join a group of like-minded visionaries and creatives in the most ambitious art collective in history?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, let’s talk!

The Grapevine Wall Collective brings together creatives of all abilities from around the world to collaborate on a massive co-created art project unlike any other to help our civilization rewrite its future.

The Project

The Grapevine Wall Art Project pieces together our puzzling story as we journey into 2030. Using surreal visuals, captivating storytelling, gaming, and cutting-edge mixed reality, the project highlights the connections we share with each other, our planet, and the technologies we are creating.

Learn more about the project HERE.

Why VirBELA?

Solving the threats to our future will require the largest cooperative efforts in history. We are using VirBELA’s immersive 3D environment to provide a place to connect and leverage our collective talents no matter where we may be physically located.

Learn more about VirBELA HERE

Before We Meet - Download VirBELA

You can take a look around to see everything from the auditorium and expo hall to private suites and small breakout spaces